We're turning development on its head.

WiseAmigo is the access point to the world of personal development.



WiseAmigo is the place for people to visualise, create and embark on a rich journey of development. If you’re looking to grow or help your employees grow, great. Through our platform we give people the tools and insight to build skills and confidence. For employers, we’re a fast and hassle-free way of empowering the workforce.



We mixed great technology and psychology to build WiseAmigo. Our intuitive platform helps people take control of their growth by simplifying and structuring the path to development. Easy-to-use tools. Engaging content. A global community of people. We make it easy for everyone to start working towards their potential.



We believe good development should be accessible to everyone. Not just the select few. So, we made WiseAmigo available for all. Whether in a small business, big company or doing your own thing, you control your growth. Long-term and in private. And we enable people and employers to share, learn and grow together too.

We put development front of mind for people and organisations, every day.

We call it Personal Development 2.0.

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